Our Technology Consulting services

Our Implementation experience & approach will help digitally transform your finance processes.

Enterprise Performance Management

Avantra supports end to end business process transformation to help you plan , budget , forecast & report on business performance as well as consolidate & finalize financial results.

At our core , we help you improve organizational efficiency through an integrated management approach that links strategic goals directly to Operational & Financial objectives. We support your financial & Digital transformation to help you deliver short & long term strategic benefits.

Tool Assessment & Implementation

We help you in assessing the current functional capabilities & user experience by defining what can be achieved today & the level of successful democratization of planning & reporting.

The feasibility & likelihood of the recommended tools enhancing their product-sets & in what timeframe , to close gaps Vs our future requirements. The team will help in a stated preference of the technology team for migration to a platform that fits best in the existing landscape by listing down the cost analysis , lower technical complexity & potential technical integration advantages.

The Implementation process would include understanding the requirements , designing the solution , solution development & solution deployment. However, Implementation of any EPM tool requires end to end short term & long term plan in collaboration with the business stakeholders , finance teams & IT teams.

Team will also help in providing end state trainings & documents to help the users continue with their business processes.

System Integration

We help you define how information system will be build in the entire ecosystem & help you design the functional & architectural model ensuring the system is operational & sustainable. We help you execute best in class practices & help standardize your processes.

We also provide on going support services to meet your requirements & scale up the use of the implemented solution.


If you're interested in hearing more about the way we work, have a business proposal, or are interested in making a purchase, we'd love to hear from you.